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Looking for Green Truck Cellars?

You’ve found it. Same guy, same wine,
(same truck), new name…


Welcome to Road 31 Wine Co.

The label pays homage to a classic, rural, gravel road back in Kansas, my proud state of origin: Road 31 runs by both my maternal and paternal family homesteads (yup, my parents grew up on farms just a few miles from one another). The ’66 green Ford pickup, which traveled Road 31 frequently, was willed to me by my grandfather, a proud Kansas farmer, when he passed back in the 1980’s. The green truck and I now tend a handful of select rows from three extremely gifted vineyards at the southernmost reaches of Napa Valley. The truck and I harvest to cave space borrowed from some friends in the Stag’s Leap district, where my hands then perform every step of the crafting: tiny-batch fermenting, barrel aging, bottling, and eventually, peddling.

I’m a tiny, one-man show, and I like it that way. I deliver in the green truck itself whenever possible. 

In the end, I blend and cull to craft roughly seven hundred cases of only one wine: Road 31 Napa Valley Pinot Noir. First crack at the vintage is given to the “Truckers” (those on the mail list) with a small portion of each batch reserved for select restaurants

I can say with confidence that reading about a wine is not nearly as good for your soul as drinking one, but nonetheless I’ve tried my best to write the story of the wine into these pages. And, the "Letters" section is an archive of my release and update letters.

I don’t know how you found me, but I’m glad you are here. If you like what you read (or have already tasted), sign up for the mail list as I’d love to have you as part of the road trip. 

Keep on truckin',

Kent Fortner

Release News

Current Release: 2014
Status: Sold Out

Direct Buying Window: Closed 'til 3/17

Upon release in late Spring, Road 31
Pinot Noir is first offered to the
“truckers” (mail list).


"Road 31's 2011 Pinot Noir impresses for its delicate, understated personality. This is an absolutely goregous wine, especially in the context of a vintage that was full of challenges."--Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, Feb 2013

"These [2009, 2010, and 2011] are three delicious Pinots from Road 31 and proprietor Kent Fortner. The Road 31 Pinots are aged partly in Hungarian oak, which adds a distinctive layer of spiciness."--Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, Dec 2012

"2007 Road 31 Pinot Noir Napa Valley ... toasty oak, good structure and balance; Complex, interesting flavors mark this Pinot -- it's great. 92 pts."–The Pinot Report, Jan 2010.

"Each of the past three years, Fortner and his green 1966 Ford pickup have turned out a tiny batch—500 to 700 cases—of Pinot Noir that has garnered accolades and a mailing list of rabid fans, endearingly called “truckers.” His one-man operation is the epitome of specialty small-batch winemaking."--Men's Journal, "Napa's New Breek," Oct 2007

"This wine walks the walk (or should I say rides the road). The pretty ruby color draws you in. The sexy nose offers up dark cherries, roses, nutmeg, and toasty oak. Flavors of cherries, cinnamon and vanilla are luscious enough to nibble on. The wine finishes with a sexy candied cherry kiss that lingers. A beautifully balanced wine with sensual creaminess that only Pinot Noir can offer. Pinot Noir All-American 2006"--Pinotfile Newsletter, Dec 2006

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Business Office
Phone: 707-649-1200


Address (My home; correspondence only please)
1175 Azuar Dr.
Mare Island, CA 94592

The caves and winery in the Stag’s Leap district of Napa are open strictly—but happily—by appointment; just reach out via email.