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Upon release in March, access to Road 31 Pinot Noir Napa Valley is given to the Truckers (those on the mailing list). To secure an allocation, it all starts with becoming a Trucker. 
As far as how often I contact the Truckers, the offering letter goes out in March via both snail mail and e-mail (I’m still a little old-fashioned). I also typically mail out a harvest update in Fall. And if I happen to be doing a tasting in your area, I’ll sometimes e-mail those Truckers whose zip codes are in the vicinity. Other than that, I live by a code to respect the inbox; wine is an annual cycle, and so is my correspondence...

“Soft and smooth in the mouth leading the wine to literally slip off the back of the palate. A juicy and seamless wine that is nicely crafted and well-priced. Too good for the dog.”

--PinotFile Newsletter

Mailing List

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